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Warranty and Repair Service for Prometheus Humidors

Please return the humidor directly to Prometheus Service Center
for the warranty and repair service.

Your Prometheus humidor passed all demanding tests and inspections set by Prometheus Quality Control. Prometheus International, Inc., the manufacturer, warrants the mechanism and construction of your Prometheus humidor to be free of manufacturing defects under normal use.


If your Prometheus humidor has any manufacturing defect, Prometheus will repair your Prometheus humidor at no charge for the period of 90 days from the retail purchase date. However, you must pay for the shipping charge to send your humidor to Prometheus Service Center. The 90-day Prometheus warranty covers mechanism and construction only and excludes any damage resulting from accident, misuse, tampering or abuse. The outer finish of your humidor is not covered under this warranty. This limited warranty also does not cover damage resulting from failure to maintain, clean or use your humidor in accordance with the manufacturer’s instruction.

In order to preserve the aesthetics of the outer finish,please do not put any objects such as coins and keyson top of your humidor, or expose the humidor to direct sunlight or track/spot lighting.

Repair Service:

If you would like us to repair your humidor damaged by accident or misuse, please send your repair request to us by e-mail (prometheus@prometheuskkp.com) or facsimile (1-323-869-9288) in order to get a return authorization before you return your humidor. Upon receipt of your humidor, Prometheus Service Center will contact you with the repair charge to get your authorization.

How to Send Your Humidor for Warranty and Repair Service:

To obtain warranty or repair service, you must get a return authorization from Prometheus Service Center by emailing (prometheus@prometheuskkp.com) or calling us at 1-323-869-9200 before you return your humidor to us. Once you obtain the return authorization, please package the humidor well so that it will not get damaged during transit. Also, return your humidor to Prometheus Service Center with your return address (the address to which we should return your humidor after the warranty or repair service), e-mail address and daytime telephone number.

Prometheus Service Center
6231 Bandini Blvd.
Commerce, CA 90040-3113, U.S.A.

We recommend that you send your humidor to Prometheus Service Center insured and with a proof of delivery. Prometheus Service Center will not be responsible for lost, late, damaged, misdirected or postage-due mail.

WARNING: Warping of Your Humidor Lid

Prometheus stands behind its humidors and if a Prometheus humidor has any manufacturing defect, Prometheus will repair it at no charge according to its warranty. However, if the lid of the humidor warps due to improper maintenance by dealers or users, Prometheus Humidor Warranty will not cover the warped lid.

In order to prevent the lid of the humidor from warping, do not place the humidor under direct sunlight or track/spot lighting. Your humidor lid may also warp due to dramatic temperature changes. Make sure that it is not placed in an area where temperature fluctuates significantly, such as near a heater during the winter or near a sunlit window during summer.

Dealers and collectors must display humidors closed and by laying their felted bottom surface flat on a horizontal shelf. You must not display humidors open, tilted or lay one humidor on top of the other. This will cause the humidor lid to warp.

Cleaning Instruction for Prometheus Humidors

In order to clean the outside surface of the Prometheus Humidors, please use clean cotton towel and rubbing alcohol. First, remove any dust on your humidor gently so that the surface will not get scratched. After this, wet your towel with rubbing alcohol, and wipe the outside surface gently to remove finger prints or any stain.

In order to clean the inside veneer, use fine sandpaper to remove any stain. Please make sure to sand in the direction of the wood grain. Sanding against the grain leaves scratches.

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