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Lighters by Functions
In this page, you will find all of our current Prometheus lighter models grouped by different functions: Built-In Punch Cutter, Removable Gas Tanks, and Pipe Lighters. If you wish to view Prometheus lighters by their model names and categories, please visit Lighters by Model Names and Lighters by Categories.

Prometheus offers a full collection of accessories for cigar lovers: ashtrays, cutters, humidors, lighters and more.  Our sister company, God of Fire, Inc., offers cigars: Angelenos, Fuente Aged Selection, God of Fire, and Sencillo.  However, in 1992, we started out as a lighter company and the lighter segment of our business has a very special place in our heart.  The history of Prometheus lighters represents cutting-edge designs and groundbreaking innovations.
Built-in Cigar Cutter
Removable Gas Tank
for Air Travel
Pipe Lighter
Lighters with Built-in Cigar Cutter
Magma T
Magma X
Ultimo X - Triple Flame
Removable Gas Tank Lighters for Air Travel
magma 2 traveler transformer
Pipe Lighters
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